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Yeah,  like I said before, Andrea does nice work. But having a face that's  
sculpted to look like the baron doesn't mean I have the skills to paint  him 
up to look like the baron, as I learned with my DML Rickenbacker bust.  :-( 
My problem exactly.  Occassionally, I'll luck into an acceptable face,  but 
that ends up being 1 out of 10, at best.  

But  I may have to get that standing figure.
Anyway, that's for clearing that  up. So how are the painting instructions?

The pianting instructions have some really nice touches.  They give  the base 
color, the highlight color and the shadow color.  Unfortunately  all the 
colors are given as mixing ratios to be used with Andrea's own brand of  paint.  
Virtually useless to anybody not using Andrea paint.  Markings  are provided 
for 425/17 and 152/17.  BTW, all control surfaces are separate  pieces in white 
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