[WWI] Roden Gotha G.V fuselage

Martin Gastel hornisse at shaw.ca
Wed Jan 5 23:14:01 EST 2005

Hi James,

I am by no means an expert on Gothas (although I am a big fan of them), but 
it does appear that Roden got the fuselage wrong for their G.V.  As you 
mentioned, the fuel tanks on the G.V were moved directly behind the 
cockpit, thus completely blocking the passageway. The photo of the crashed 
G.V on page 57 of the Datafile Special clearly shows the absence of the 
walkway. That said, there is a photo on page 48 of the aft end of a G.V 
(which can be deduced from the bracing for the horizontal and vertical 
stabilizers) taken from the pilots cockpit which clearly shows that the 
cutout for the walkway is present. Does anyone know if some early G.V's 
still had the cutout? Incidentally, if you look closely at the plan views 
for the G.IV and G.V included with the Datafile, the outlines of the 
cockpits hidden by the upper wing are still shown as a dashed line and the 
G.V does not show the walkway cutout.

At any rate, closing off the walkway is a very easy fix. My problem is that 
I have no references showing the fuel tanks and they don't come with the 
kit. Do the Harry Woodman drawings you mentioned show them? If you have any 
references showing the tanks I would greatly appreciate it if you could 
share them with me.



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