[WWI] Eduard Newsletter

Paul Thompson flutes at xs4all.nl
Wed Jan 5 18:20:00 EST 2005

>How many 10thingies does the world need? And has a model company ever gone
out of business over it?
I say sit back and enjoy the cool breeze.

Agreed I'm being a spoiled brat, but I wasn't thinking of 10thingies (never
do).I don't think the WWI field has big enough players that they can afford
to start thinking that way either.  I would like to sit back and marvel at
the choice of Blue Max, Aeroclub, Roden or Eduard Brisfits. And in that
fashion we are truly blessed.But I'd rather have half the choice and an AW
FK8 instead. Just my opinion, and I ain't saying Eduard are wrong. But when
I rule the world they'll be sorry.


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