[WWI] Digital cameras again.

Stuart L. Malone smalone at kc.rr.com
Tue Jan 4 21:44:59 EST 2005


I bought the Iwata Eclipse 3550.  If I had to do it over, I would have 
bought the Eclipse 4500.  That being said, it may just be the 
versatility of the double action that has me hooked, but my paint jobs 
are turning out much better with the Iwata.  I have found I am able to 
now spray much more complicated camoflage patterns than I could with 
the H.  I was too worried about spending so much money on an airbrush.  
After reading many reviews, I bought the 3550 locally.   I spent WAY 
more than what Dixie Art wants for them.  (I had read reviews online, 
but did not price it online)  Well, this airbrush was worth every last 
penny I spent on it (including sales tax).  I also believe it's easier 
to unclog than the H.

I suggest in contacting Dixie Art, and seeing what you can work out, 
returning the H for the Eclipse.  They should accomodate you, but you 
may want to look into their return policy of new brushes being 'tested' 
just in case the Eclipse doesn't work out and you want to go back to 
the H.

That, or you could cancel all orders to Dixie Art, and I'll sell you my 
H with all three tips for $25.00 plus shipping. The fine tip is less 
than a year old, the medium and large tips haven't been used.  I think 
I even have both a left and right handed cup.

			Stuart L. Malone

On Jan 4, 2005, at 6:01 PM, Greg Balzer wrote:

> Stuart....
> Too late, they've already got my plastic.  And while I can afford an 
> IWATA, don't know if I can justify spending close to $150 on an 
> airbrush (not the airbrush's fault, more that it's precision would go 
> wasted on mr. thumbs here), unless it's just the best thing since rib 
> tapes!!
> If so, what make and model do YOU recommend??!
> Greg
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>> Greg,
>> NOOOOOOOOOO!  Friends only let friends use IWATAs......
>> I have a perfectly working H that has been relegated to storage as an 
>> emergency backup.
>> Stuart L. Malone
>>> Greg
>>> Who just ordered a Paasche H from Dixie Art as his Aztek was sent in
>>> for repairs and the replacement is on backorder...not a lot of 
>>> modeling
>>> happening since 20 Dec.  Using the time to dent the "Honey-Do" list 
>>> so
>>> that when things are back up and running I can sit at the bench
>>> unmolested!

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