[WWI] Digital cameras again.

Sanjeev Hirve ot811 at msbx.net
Tue Jan 4 17:45:09 EST 2005

I agree with Bob and Karen that the mega pixel spec of the camera is not 
necessarily important .  I have a 2MP and an 6MP camera - for model 
photography, the 2MP is  just barely adequate, and the 6MP is much more 
than adequate, however, read on before you head for the smallest .........
By simple laws of physics, the higher the MP setting, the more 
information is captured by the camera for a given photo.  This means:
- you can magnify much more : this is very useful to me as I use the 
camera as a tool for detecting flaws in my work
- you can shoot in poor lighting (read museums) either by setting a 
higher "film speed" or by doctoring the image in photoshop
- you can shoot for Print magazines
- off-topic, you can shoot more frames per sec because these cameras 
usually have a higher image transfer rate
Ofcourse, a 6MP camera must have the optics and electronics to do it 
justice - and from the reviews I read, companies like HP, Sony, Pentax, 
and Olympus to some extent have problems iin these areas.

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