[WWI] Digital cameras again.

Karen Rychlewski krychski at earthlink.net
Tue Jan 4 14:52:35 EST 2005

Coming out of lurk mode--

Crawford Neil wrote:
> I'm going to get a digital camera sometime soon
> The question is, do these super-zooms work well for model
> photography? I know Karens Olympus does, but that's in a higher price
> class. The photos we see in Windsock by people like Dr. Tom, Sanjeev
> and Lance are digital I believe, how many mega-pixels are necessary 
> for that sort of work? Do I need 6.3 like the Canon EOS300D, or is 5 enough?

My Olympus E10 doesn't have what I'd call a 'super-zoom'  lens--it's the 
equivalent of a 35-140mm plus a macro mode. The photos you see in my 
gallery and the Telford photos all used the macro mode and fill 
flash.The camera itself is 4 megapixels.The consumer market has been, 
IMHO, deluded into thinking that 'more is better' regarding megapixel 
size. Unless you are a professional photographer, and/or you're printing 
2x3 foot posters, you really don't need any more than 4 MP; I get 
perfectly lovely, photographically sharp 16x20" prints from my camera 
files. Quality of the final image is more affected by file size (the 
'super high quality', 'high quality', etc. settings on the camera), the 
amount of compression (by the camera and by the software when making 
JPEGs), and the knowledge and skill of processing (read: 
'photoshoping'). Getting the right combination of these is essential and 
most folks don't have a clue to what all the differences are.

Dave Fleming wrote:
 >I'm waiting until digital SLRs are a reasonable price!

All my previous experience was with SLR 35mm cameras, so I waited for 
the first 'affordable' such beast in digital and I've been more than 
pleased with the Olympus. Granted, the E10 has a fixed lens. But all the 
major player (Nikon, Canon, Olympus) now have digital SLRs that use 
their older lenses, and the prices are coming down every day. OTOH, the 
fixed-lens zooms are also getting better and cheaper...

>... as good results as Karen gets...

Well, yeah, but then...I'm *good*...


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