[WWI] Digital cameras again.

Sanjeev Hirve ot811 at msbx.net
Tue Jan 4 15:18:03 EST 2005

    Given your budget, I think you can pretty much choose a very good 
camera. My recommendation is still for a Nikon camera - they are pricey, 
but offer the best optics, the best electronics (read best film), and  
all the necessary manual control features.  The Coolpix will let you 
'aim and shoot' at one end, and on the other end manually set aperture, 
shutter, focus, colour balance, etc etc etc.
For model photography it has 3 features, I consider essential (from hard 
experience) - close up macro, manual focus, and colour fidelity (the 
ability to reproduce that CDL colour exactly as you painted it,).
    If you have a bigger budget, I would recommend a Nikon or Canon SLR.

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