[WWI] Digital cameras again.

pnsoares at naer.pt pnsoares at naer.pt
Tue Jan 4 11:35:13 EST 2005

The panasonic only goes to 5cm, is that close enough? With the EOS50 and 100
macro, I never go closer than 20cm, but I guess thats different. 


Yes, it's different. It all depends on the magnification ratio of the lens.
If you have a good Macro tele. it's always better than proximity focus,
because you get the same magnification from a bigger distance to the object.

The question of results most of the times has more to do with photolabs and
our limited skills as photographers than with the equipment itself. Digital
images always look much better on screen than printed copies form a
cornershop lab. Like slides, which always look much better too, they're a
direct process, kind of WYSIWYG.

I'm quite happy with my EOS 300D, but I have a problem with a sigma lens
wich will only work at full aperture (I have another sigma zoom that works
perfectly though) so before and if you get to buy the 300D - which is also
fast with regard to shutter delay and is capable of 2.5 frames per sec -
check if the lens works properly with it. I suspect the problem is specific
to my lens, since it was repaired some time ago and this might have to do
something with it, even though it works perfectly well on the EOS5.

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