[WWI] Digital cameras again.

Crawford Neil Neil.Crawford at volvo.com
Tue Jan 4 10:43:49 EST 2005

>Neil, I opted for a 5 Megapixel Nikon Coolpix, mostly because of the
>(then) superior nature of the macro ability compared to other cameras. 
>This camera will focus to a cm or so, and shows every model flaw to the
>point of embarassment.  I could easily show a .01 Euro coin as large as
>the monitor without losing any clarity.

The panasonic only goes to 5cm, is that close enough? With the EOS50
and 100 macro, I never go closer than 20cm, but I guess thats different.

>Like Ernie, I have been frustrated by the autofocus and shutter delays,
>but many of the cameras have sports modes and best shot selectors that
>operate as fast as a SLR on autodrive.

The Panasonic gets rave reviews, and is said to be better than older 
digi-cams. But they used to give Merlin kits rave reviews too!

>If you want, Neil, I can send you a medium-quality model shot of 1 Meg
>or so. 

Please do!

> Sanjeev and Karen are the camera freaks I've been hanging around
>with, and have forgotten more than I'll ever know about cameras.

I'm hoping they'll barge in!
/Neil C.

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