[WWI] Digital cameras again.

Crawford Neil Neil.Crawford at volvo.com
Tue Jan 4 05:40:03 EST 2005

I'm going to get a digital camera sometime soon
,I've got about 5-6000SEK to spend (about $700-850).
Any suggestions? I'm thinking of a Panasonic FZ20
this one:

It's one of these super-zooms with an auto-stabilized
430mm tele, which is a lens we could simply never afford
for the Canon EOS50 we have today. We'll be keeping the
Canon and sticking to film for another year or two, this
new camera is intended for casual use, and on-going model
photography. It also might come in handy for taking photos
of monkeys in trees when we go to Brasil in February.

The question is, do these super-zooms work well for model
photography? I know Karens Olympus does, but that's in a higher price
class. The photos we see in Windsock by people like Dr. Tom, Sanjeev
and Lance are digital I believe, how many mega-pixels are necessary 
for that sort of work? Do I need 6.3 like the Canon EOS300D, or is 5 enough?

I could probably stretch to a EOS300D body, and then use our old
lenses, but it would mean a clumsier/heavier camera to lug around,
+ all those lenses, and our tele is nowhere near as good as the panasonic
(on paper). We do have a very good 100mm macro, but even that doesn't 
give as good results as Karen gets. Any ideas?


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