[WWI] Deperdussin Monocoque

Don Ralston don.ralston at blueyonder.co.uk
Mon Jan 3 14:46:00 EST 2005

Subject: [WWI] Deperdussin Monocoque


There is a repro Deperdussin Monocoques at Old Rhinebeck. Worth a look at 
their site for any photos http://www.oldrhinebeck.org/


> Hello everybody,
> I'm trying to research the racing Deperdussin Monocoques, particularly in 
> order to make accurate drawings. This is a difficult task, since the 
> number of different versions is big, photos are relatively rare and a lot 
> of inaccurate and conflicting information has been published. Therefore I 
> would like to get in contact with other Deperdussin enthusiasts so that we 
> can pool our resources. If there is enough interest I can set up a 
> dedicated Yahoogroup in order to exchange information.

> If you have information about Deperdussins please contact me!
> Best regards,
> Anders Bruun

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