[WWI] Movie Review

J.R. Boye mercyandhope at juno.com
Mon Jan 3 13:35:02 EST 2005

    I went to see "The Aviator" last night with my wife and daughter, and
had a really great time. The period settings, music and acting are
excellent, and the story isn't exaggerated too much. The computer
graphics seem to be kept to a minimum, and used only where necessary,
notably in the Spruce Goose flight scene.
   The beginning of the movie has a number of shots of the filming of
"Hells Angels", and this I found really satisfying. The Fokker D.VIIs and
S.E. 5as look very realistic, ( Hughes used real ones in "Hells Angels"),
and move and sound convincing. I'm not sure of all the techniques that
were used here, but they are superb. In one scene I spotted a Thomas
Morse, also actually used as a stand-in, so the research here is
surprisingly thorough.
       The other aviation scenes are just as incredible, and leave room
for only a little nit-picking. I'm just glad this film was made, and the
Hughes story is told. My daughter was a little wary of an "airplane
movie", but it is so much more that she really liked it too. 
      I really like well done historical pictures ( Seabiscuit, October
Sky, Ray ) and this one is right up there with those, so go see it.
                                                                J.R. Boye

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