[WWI] Deperdussin Monocoque

Anders Bruun anders.bruun at chello.se
Mon Jan 3 09:14:39 EST 2005

Hello everybody,

I'm trying to research the racing Deperdussin Monocoques, particularly in 
order to make accurate drawings. This is a difficult task, since the number 
of different versions is big, photos are relatively rare and a lot of 
inaccurate and conflicting information has been published. Therefore I would 
like to get in contact with other Deperdussin enthusiasts so that we can 
pool our resources. If there is enough interest I can set up a dedicated 
Yahoogroup in order to exchange information.

Right know I'm looking for photos of the 1913 Gordon Bennett Trophy racers. 
I have gathered all the photos I know of that actually show 1913 race 
numbers in this file:
http://members.chello.se/ipmsairrace/dep1913gb.pdf (750 kB)
I would be very interested in finding more photos in order to make as good 
drawings as possible - if you know of any other photos please contact me!

I have also spent a lot of time on the 1913 Schneider Trophy Deperdussin. 
This has now reached the point where I have finished side and plan views, so 
I hope that any new information will confirm my guesses and speculations and 
not cause any major reworking. However, I'm still interested in knowing 

If you have information about Deperdussins please contact me!

Best regards,
Anders Bruun

IPMS Racing & Record Aircraft Special Interest Group
Anders Bruun
Bradstupsvagen 21
SE-129 39 Hagersten

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