[WWI] Birthday heads up

Crawford Neil Neil.Crawford at volvo.com
Mon Jan 3 07:03:11 EST 2005

Yes thanks a million Don, it arrived in the last mail 
before my birthday, nice timing, so I put it on the gift table 
where it quickly got covered:-)
It's a very nice book with a fair bit of OT content,
and the Christmas card of a SE5 squadron take-off was the
nicest I got, the moose was the next nicest, or maybe not 
come to think of it, I got a really weird one from Shane 
with Father Christmas and some kangeroos looking at Ayers rock,
only thing was the kangeroos had reindeer horns!
/Neil C.

>Yeah, Happy Birthday, you young Whippersnapper.And many of 'em.


>PS Did you get that book on Croydon Airport you wanted for Xmas?

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