[WWI] Birthday heads up

Crawford Neil Neil.Crawford at volvo.com
Mon Jan 3 03:53:30 EST 2005

Thanks Mårten, and every one else who wished me
happy birthday, this was a pleasant surprise on a 
busy New Years Eve (my birthday). Passing 50 is big
here in Sweden, so we had to arrange a party, not easy
on New Years Eve. We finally did an old tradition in 
the countryside here called "open house", just let it
be known that anybody could come, we knew most people 
are occupied in the evening anyway, so had an enormous 
smorgåsbord ready by 12noon (we had help) and waited for some
guests, nobody came... at 12.30 a neighbour turned up, then 
at 1 parents-in-law came, at 1.30 Mårten turned up and
we started eating, then at about 2.30 all hell broke loose
and everybody arrived simultaneously, we finally got to bed
around 4 next morning. We counted 50 people, so as Bilbo Baggins 
(probably) and Mack said a nice round figure. And presents,
lots of presents, I got enough money to buy a digital camera,
Mårten tryed to pervert me by giving me a Supermarine Walrus,
and some other modeller friends gave me an Eduard Camel (profipack)
and a colour scheme suggestion, the Ruston-Proctor #1000!
I am actually very tempted.... 
/Neil C. (recovering slowly)  

>Hello folks.

>Out of deep lurker mode to make you aware of a congrats oppertunity.
>Tomorrow fellow listmember/Spadoholic/right through good guy, Neil
>Crawford turn 2 X 25. Good reason to send him a comment or two is´nt it?

>With hope I got this right.......


>Mårten Tyllström

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