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Rick Geisler ragfokker at hotmail.com
Mon Jan 3 00:32:37 EST 2005

Dan Said:

>I'd have to say the quality is very close to that found in a Ardpol  kit.
>The wings are nicely thin at the trailing edge and the effect between  the 
>is nicely subtle.  Cockpit detail appears to be nearly  complete.  There is
>molded in frame and throttle detail on the fuselage  halves.  Plus, of they 
>some nice separate frame detail for the  area where the rudder bars, 
>columns and seats to mount on.  One  really nice touch is the inclusion all
>the internals found behind the  engine.  It's molded in one piece, but with
>careful painting, I think  it'll look very convincing.  Not having a lot of 
>on the  cockpit, I can only speculate that everything that needs to be 
>there is
>  included except harnesses.  The engine is a bit basic and could use push
>rod detail.  Four wheel halves are supplied along with etched spokes.   The
>decals are very well printed and include a Russian A/C and an Italian VI
>Squadriglia A/C.  The whites look very opaque on the sheet.
>Hope it helps,

Thanks Dan and Don! Nothing I can afford in the Near future but I thought 
the Box Art looked really tempting. I don't have a whole lot of Early War 
stuff as my collections are based on Squadrons formed a little later( 
Mostly). I think this may become a future thing! Don I will look forward to 
the info in the Nieuport Cookup!!
Rick G.

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