[WWI] Fokker Lozenge questions

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Awesome.  Thank you Mike.  That helped out a ton.


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>    Lucky for you I just re-organized by source material and it was no 
>problem finding the 3  Fokker D-VII Datafiles. If you aren't familiar with 
>these, they are put out by Albatros Publications and are a great help. 
>Anyway, here's what they say:
>    Fokker-built fuselage : Not length wise but wrapped around the fuselage 
>with the pattern going toward the top of the fuselage. Imagine an arrow 
>with the point facing up. This is true on both sides. on both the mid and 
>late Fokkers. For the early ones, imagine the arrow pointing up on the 
>starboard and down on the port.
>    OAW built fuselage: 4 color lozenge was lined up by having the middle 
>of the bolt aligned with the fuselage center line. Again, it looks like the 
>early fokker built. Arrow pointed up on starboard,across toward port on the 
>top and down on the port side. God only knows what it was like underneath!
>    OAW Wings: Well, a simple answer is the ailerons were done differently 
>(Spanwise) frorm the rest of the wings. which were done usually 
>chordwise.If you have access to Datafile Special #2, it lays it all out for 
>you. Contact me off list if you need more info.
>Mike Muth
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>>Alright, I know this may sound like a newbie question, but which ways were 
>>the lozenge fabrics aplied to the Fokker DVII's?  I'm assuming it was 
>>applied cord-wise on the wings and lengthwise on the fuselage, but I 
>>wanted to make sure.  If it matters, I'm doing a pair of Roden 1/48 
>>Fokkers, one Fokker built and the other by OAW.

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