[WWI] Fokker Lozenge questions

Mike Muth mikemuth at ptd.net
Sun Jan 2 23:26:58 EST 2005

    Lucky for you I just re-organized by source material and it was no 
problem finding the 3  Fokker D-VII Datafiles. If you aren't familiar with 
these, they are put out by Albatros Publications and are a great help. 
Anyway, here's what they say:
    Fokker-built fuselage : Not length wise but wrapped around the fuselage 
with the pattern going toward the top of the fuselage. Imagine an arrow with 
the point facing up. This is true on both sides. on both the mid and late 
Fokkers. For the early ones, imagine the arrow pointing up on the starboard 
and down on the port.
    OAW built fuselage: 4 color lozenge was lined up by having the middle of 
the bolt aligned with the fuselage center line. Again, it looks like the 
early fokker built. Arrow pointed up on starboard,across toward port on the 
top and down on the port side. God only knows what it was like underneath!
    OAW Wings: Well, a simple answer is the ailerons were done differently 
(Spanwise) frorm the rest of the wings. which were done usually chordwise.If 
you have access to Datafile Special #2, it lays it all out for you. Contact 
me off list if you need more info.
Mike Muth
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> Alright, I know this may sound like a newbie question, but which ways were 
> the lozenge fabrics aplied to the Fokker DVII's?  I'm assuming it was 
> applied cord-wise on the wings and lengthwise on the fuselage, but I 
> wanted to make sure.  If it matters, I'm doing a pair of Roden 1/48 
> Fokkers, one Fokker built and the other by OAW.
> Thanks
> Chris

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