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I'd have to say the quality is very close to that found in a Ardpol  kit.  
The wings are nicely thin at the trailing edge and the effect between  the ribs 
is nicely subtle.  Cockpit detail appears to be nearly  complete.  There is 
molded in frame and throttle detail on the fuselage  halves.  Plus, of they give 
some nice separate frame detail for the  area where the rudder bars, control 
columns and seats to mount on.  One  really nice touch is the inclusion all 
the internals found behind the  engine.  It's molded in one piece, but with 
careful painting, I think  it'll look very convincing.  Not having a lot of info 
on the  cockpit, I can only speculate that everything that needs to be there is 
 included except harnesses.  The engine is a bit basic and could use push  
rod detail.  Four wheel halves are supplied along with etched spokes.   The 
decals are very well printed and include a Russian A/C and an Italian VI  
Squadriglia A/C.  The whites look very opaque on the sheet.
Hope it helps,

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