[WWI] U.S. Nieuport trainers.

Eric Gallaud egallaud at club-internet.fr
Sun Jan 2 00:15:55 EST 2005

Hi Patrick,

Did you check the pictures of a Ni81 or Ni83 that I took in Japan ? They 
are on The WW1 Site.


Patrick Cook a écrit:

> Thanks for checking Warren.   Mostly I just want to know a) what 
> external differences there are between the trainers and the 10's and 
> 12's upon which they are based and b) what did the cockpit interior of 
> both the single control and dual control versions look like.
> I am thinking more and more that there just weren't any differences 
> between the types and that the cockpits probably just had duplicates 
> of what the 10's and 12's had (in terms of seats and control sticks 
> and such).   I may be wrong, but I haven't found anything to suggest 
> otherwise yet.
> If anybody *does* come up with more information about the Nieuport 
> 80's and 83's please pass it along - thanks!
> Patrick C. 
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>     Eric & Patrick,
>                    I have the FMP book, and checked it.  It did not,
>     however, have any plans, which is what I thought Patrick wanted.  The
>     Crowood Nieuport book has a great shot of some lined up, one with an
>     awesome paint scheme!
>     Warren

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