[WWI] U.S. Nieuport trainers.

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Thanks for checking Warren.   Mostly I just want to know a) what external differences there are between the trainers and the 10's and 12's upon which they are based and b) what did the cockpit interior of both the single control and dual control versions look like.

I am thinking more and more that there just weren't any differences between the types and that the cockpits probably just had duplicates of what the 10's and 12's had (in terms of seats and control sticks and such).   I may be wrong, but I haven't found anything to suggest otherwise yet.

If anybody *does* come up with more information about the Nieuport 80's and 83's please pass it along - thanks!

Patrick C.  

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Eric & Patrick,
               I have the FMP book, and checked it.  It did not,
however, have any plans, which is what I thought Patrick wanted.  The
Crowood Nieuport book has a great shot of some lined up, one with an
awesome paint scheme!

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