[WWI] Re: Happy New and whatnot

Matt Bittner tbittners at sprintmail.com
Sat Jan 1 17:35:05 EST 2005


I might be able to speak for the whole list when I say we want to
see your work!

Matt Bittner

On Sat, 1 Jan 2005 11:53:23 -0800, J.R. Boye wrote:

> Happy New Year to all Listees !
>      My wife plays in a vintage music band, and they played a New Year's
> Eve dance that I went to. Since many of the songs were from the ragtime
> era, I suppose that's pretty close to an OT event. Maybe I need to get a
> uniform to wear to next year's dance-not too many pilots near 50 and
> wearing glasses though.....
>      I broke Marc's "resolution" and bought more kits than I finished
> this year. My "method" is to have many models in process at one time, and
> switch back and forth depending on my interest level. In 2003, I built 7
> Albatros D types simultaneously like an assembly line . Sometimes I take
> a break and do train projects.
>      So I did finish some stuff : Pegasus Taube ( "impressed" so it could
> have crude wing crosses ), Emhar Medium A, Pegasus Hanriot HD 1 ( Coppens
> with blue and white tail ) Flashback (modified )Voisin 3 ( Fequant/Noix
> ).
>      In process : Pegasus Vickers F.B. 5 ( Insall ), Aeroclub Martinsyde
> S.1 ( Strange ) Eastern Express Sikorsky S. 16 ( very modified - Gilsher
> plane ), Roden Gotha G.IV, MS G ( modified ICM Pfalz E.IV to become
> Kozakov plane - it is easier to make it into a Morane than make it into
> Pfalz ! )
>                                   Happy building to all in 2005.         
>         J.R. Boye

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