[WWI] MvR Fokker D.VII?????

Sean Brian Kirby acebuilder2003 at yahoo.com
Mon Feb 28 23:35:18 EST 2005

--- JAMES GAGNON <gagnonjamie at rogers.com> wrote:

> MvR had received a Fokker D.VII before he was
> killed, according to several 
> of my limited sources.

> Were any Fokker D.VIIs delivered with Maltese
> crosses?

In my lovely (and recommended) Kagero book,
'Richthofen's Eleven,' a yellow-nosed early
Fokker-built is shown with the following caption:
"Fokker D.VII 234/18. First production lot. This plane
was on Jasta 10 and Jasta 11 airfield in Cappy one or
two weeks after Manfred von Richthofen's death."

As mentioned, this aircraft sports yellow-painted nose
panels, and has the white fields, with the corners of
the iron crosses painted over to make Balkenkreuze.
The two forward cabanes are yellow, wheel covers may
be ex-works. Wings are Lozenge, I'd suppose 5-color.
Fuselage is streaky; horizontal stabiliser and
elevator depicted as Loz'. Actually a pretty nice
scheme, with the streak contrasted with the camo

On that note, I've long loved the early Fokker
profiled by Don Greer in the D.VII In Action book,
with streaked fuse' and wings, and early crosses on
white fields. There was another early Fokker in a
photograph in that book, with the early Balkenkreuze
and what appeared to be natural metal nose panels. Is
that correct, or am I seeing her wrong?

All for now.


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