[WWI] Re: WWI 1/72nd Roden Fok.D.VII Question

Ken Schmitt knnths at mchsi.com
Mon Feb 28 19:51:42 EST 2005

Neil E, of the Prevent Cruelty To Magpie brigades busts self:

> Call me slack if you like but I'd prefer a sensibly engineered kit that
> doesn't involve arcane knowledge to make a decent job of it.

you must be joking.


Know what I fount out, other day?
They, all ov'um have that (gwinst juan).

"This is not the Bleriot SPAD, but the Sopwith Blackburn 
Pre-Woolite/Big Kev Dichotomy SPAD aka "Russian Ed.", not to be 
confused with The Albatros-built Albatros (singular, not plural), 
whence Aviatik/Rumpler Carriage Works (WAO) ensued.'

kidding, right?
I mean - right??

:  )

Most of these set Channel records, too. Some went on to distinguish 
themselves as "Eclipsers of BE2 series".

ken9, aware of the handjobs most of these finely built craft were.

NB: Longerons made of sheer nylon
NU: MrAmbergris, a new paint line from Nova Scotia

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