[WWI] Clerget 9B Question

John Ratzenberger JohnRatzenberger at yahoo.com
Mon Feb 28 18:24:00 EST 2005

On a whim this weekend, I picked up the Hasegawa/Mini-craft 1/8 scale kit of 
the Clerget 9B.
Seems OK, except for two issues.
  1. I'll not fix because very few will know, is that it is about 15 cooling 
fins per cylinder shy.
  2. But most important, is that all 9x2=18 valves are in the same 
position -- fully closed !!!!

I could (laboriously) correct this, if I knew the firing order of said 
I've done some searching, but this isn't one of the data elements I have 
Can anyone help ????

Thanks in advance,
John Ratzenberger 

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