[WWI] MvR Fokker D.VII?????

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"bar tender!  another bloody paralyzer over here!"

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> Regarding Diego...
> I'd like to have what *HE* is drinking...
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> Jamie!
> > MvR had received a Fokker D.VII before he was killed, according to
> > of my limited sources.
> Indeed. He received a custom-built  Fokker D.VII with 65 HP Hiero engine
> built by Roland, covered not in linen, but in jet black linoleum, on the
> belief that this would improve the airplane speed.
> > Is the serial number known?
> Unfortunately, being the aircraft covered in black material, the serial
> number couldn't be disclosed, not even in the several Lumiere colour
> that were taken while in storage on the fledging Richthofen theme
> restaurants that appeared just after April 1918.
> > Had the airplane been painted in his colours? If so which parts of the
> > plane were red? And of course what the finish of the rest?
> At least all the interior surfaces, including those of the bottom of the
> seat and the rear of the instrument panel, were painted Crimson red with a
> pinch of vegemite green, for taste and durability.
> > Were any Fokker D.VIIs delivered with Maltese crosses?
> Even more, it was delivered with a Maltese falcon, but that's a whole
> different story.
> D.
> Bibliography: Enciclopaedia Fernettica, Tome XVGY under the title "French
> Nouvelle Cuisine pour les chasseurs de tétes"

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