[WWI] Modeltroia 2005

Diego Fernetti dfernet0 at rosario.gov.ar
Mon Feb 28 14:41:12 EST 2005

> What I really can't understand is Sanjeev getting only bronze
> I
> really can't understand judges here sometimes.

Beauty is skin deep on the RE8, mon ami. Uneducated people shouldn't be 
aware of it.

> This is typical of the Spanish school, (the model was by a Spanish
> modeller), with everything highly exaggerated in terms of contrast and the
> steel wires were too shiny for my taste.

Mordious! Ces Iberiens sont fous!

> There were also a couple of Portuguese soldier, in the figurines section,
> one of them riding an ostrich as per a picture displayed next to the 
> model.

What? No donkeys?

> Well, that's it for the year. I took plenty photos of most models. If I 
> can
> find the time I'll try to send them to someone to post.

I'll be eagerly waiting to see those!

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