[WWI] MvR Fokker D.VII?????

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I didn't know it was April 1st? ;-) 



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> MvR had received a Fokker D.VII before he was killed, according to
> of my limited sources.

Indeed. He received a custom-built  Fokker D.VII with 65 HP Hiero engine

built by Roland, covered not in linen, but in jet black linoleum, on the

belief that this would improve the airplane speed.

> Is the serial number known?

Unfortunately, being the aircraft covered in black material, the serial 
number couldn't be disclosed, not even in the several Lumiere colour
that were taken while in storage on the fledging Richthofen theme 
restaurants that appeared just after April 1918.

> Had the airplane been painted in his colours? If so which parts of the

> plane were red? And of course what the finish of the rest?

At least all the interior surfaces, including those of the bottom of the

seat and the rear of the instrument panel, were painted Crimson red with
pinch of vegemite green, for taste and durability.

> Were any Fokker D.VIIs delivered with Maltese crosses?

Even more, it was delivered with a Maltese falcon, but that's a whole 
different story.
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