[WWI] 1/72nd Roden Fok.D.VII Question

Sean Brian Kirby acebuilder2003 at yahoo.com
Mon Feb 28 13:17:26 EST 2005

--- Pedro Soares <pnsoares at netcabo.pt> wrote:

> Just shave about 1,5 - 2mm from each wing root (the
> spar makes it a bit more
> complicated, since you'll have to carve around it)
> but it's not difficult
> and it completely solves the problem. 

It's funny how both the 1:72 and the more
substantially scaled Roden D.VIIs have the same
problem - in spite of differing wing makeups - and
much the same solution.

Both these kits are so similar, and while the 1:72 kit
is pretty good, the 1:48 version is a bit of a
masterpiece. :)

(Speaking of which - might Eduard try to work their
way in between the Roden offerings thus far given by
giving us an OAW Mid and a later Albatros-built? And I
wonder which kit we'll love more in the end. I think
many of us will retain a hearty affection for our
Ukrainian examples.)


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