[WWI] WWI Games

Lance Krieg lance.krieg at amerus.com
Mon Feb 28 12:21:00 EST 2005

This subject came up recently, though it has nothing to do with
modeling.  It piqued my interest, and so I looked to see what I had on
hand, viz.:

"Ace of Aces" (Camel vs. Dr.I) book game
"Fight in the Skies"  - TSR's board game
"Dawn Patrol" - Update of above
"Wings" - Yaquinto's take on the subject

All of these last three are traditional board wargames, with cardboard
counters representing the various planes, baloons, airships, etc., and
all are fairly sophisticated in their accounting of damage, ammunition,
horsepower, manuverability, etc.  They are a far cry from "Dogfight"
and, IIRC, more advanced than "Richthfen's War", meaning that only
fairly hard-core enthusiasts will consider them anything like fun.

I will never play these, and so am willing to part with them to folks
who might.  Give me a shout if you have an interest.


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