[WWI] Aviatik camo scheme

Chris Savaglio csavaglio at hotmail.com
Mon Feb 28 09:27:42 EST 2005

Everywhere I've read and seen has the fuselage mottling applied directly 
over the varnished wood.


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>Subject: [WWI] Aviatik camo scheme
>Date: Mon, 28 Feb 2005 15:06:45 +0100
>I've a question about the Aviatik Berg mottle camo (the same question about 
>Phoenix DI fighter) / The mottle (green and brown ) of the so called 
>"autumn scheme" is applied with a sponge on the wing upper surface and the 
>fuselage. If there is no problem about the underlayer of the wings (linen) 
>Was the fuselage painted in yellow or was it just varnished and then 
>Thanks in advance for your reply
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