[WWI] Knut's Le Bourget racers

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Mon Feb 28 01:54:53 EST 2005

aw mate, those were sincere thanks, no red ears intended.  i've been focused
on nie monoplanes a lot lately, and in spite of having read it twice when
you sent that article to me, i still had to go back and look again before i
realized knut's pic was exactly the same aeroplane they were talking about.
you're not expected to memorize everything you send out to folks, you know.
it's not like you don't have lots of other things to do around here!

interesting about that morane h, tho.  it clearly is the h, i think, because
of the 2-post cabane, but i had to look twice because, look at the bottom
right foto on page 16 of that article  (wwi aero issue 53, nieup monoplanes,
for anyone else who might be following this thread).

there's a very morane looking nieuport there.  clearly a nieup rudder, and
horizontal stab, but the elevators are squared off, the wings are m-s
rectangular, not nie tapers like the other 3 nieups in the background, and
the landing gear and cowling are pure morane saulnier, but the 4 king-posts
remain nieuport.  the plane even appears to have the distinctive black m-s
seam tapes running along the corners of the fuselage.

does anyone know anything about this strange hybrid?



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> Iban,
>     Thanks.
> Sanjeev (The red-eared) Hirve

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