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  Warren is correct.  The A.E.G. G.IV is on display at the National Aviation 
Museum in Ottawa.  It is the only surviving German twin-engined aircraft 
from WW1 and the only German WW1 aircraft displayed in night lozenge.
   Also on display are a Farman Shorthorn, JN4C, BE2c, Nieu.12, Sop.Snipe, 
Sop.2F.1, Sop.Tripe (replica), Sop. Pup (replica), Avro 504, SPAD VII, 
Curtiss HS2L, Fokker DVII (in storage) and last, but certainly not least, an 
honest-to-god complete Junkers J.I in original (kinda rough) condition!  It 
is certainly worth a visit!

See:  www.aviation.technomuses.ca


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> "> A.E.G. IV - The first real OT multi-engine bomber I ever saw and
> which I
>> still visit annually.  An honest-to-god time machine!
> wow, where is it on display?
> iban (laying plans for a holy pilgrimage already)"
> iban,
>     IIRC, it is on display in Canada.  I would like to go see it if I
> ever get to go up there.
> Warren

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