[WWI] fav poll again

iban ibancorp at tds.net
Sun Feb 27 19:17:56 EST 2005

in some order, i guess...

1.  gotha g-i ursinus
2.  dornier rs iii
3.  staaken seaplane no 1432
4.  (doesn't count cause it was never built, but...)  a.e.g.-aviatik r
triplane project
5.  ssw rviii
6.  like you, diego, i am also suffering from a growing fondness for the
caudron r-11
    (quel malade!)
7.  can't forget sikorsky's ilia mourometz


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> It's that time of the year again...
> "Which is your favourite OT airplane?" this time with a twist:
> "Which is your favourite bomber/recon OT airplane LARGER than a two
> and "Why?"
> A  small list of three from me (in no particular order):
> - Caudron R.11 (hey, I'm starting to like the b*stard)
> - Handley Page 0/100 "Bloody Paralyzer" (how one can't dig an airplane
> such a nickname?)
> - Blackburn Kangaroo (there's something about Blackburns, baby!)
> D.
> Waiter! Pour me a Bloody Paralyzer, on the rocks! I had one of those

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