[WWI] Nieuport 23

Philippe Spriesterbach philippe.spriesterbach at skynet.be
Sun Feb 27 18:56:03 EST 2005

Hi all dear listees,

After a long hiatus due mainly of the server problems and a lot of works at
home and for my job, I'm back again.

For those that must be interested, I posted 35 new pictures (taken mainly by
our mate Daniel Clamot) of the Brussels's Nieuport 23.

If you will to see them, click on the link below and on the main page click
"What's news.

I hope that it'll be of a little interest for someone.

In a near future, I shall post more than 80 new pictures (also taken by
Daniel) from the LVG C.VI's restoration an more than 30 new pics on the wing
fabrics of the same aircraft.

Best regards from Belgium



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