[WWI] Modeltroia 2005

Pedro Soares pnsoares at netcabo.pt
Sun Feb 27 18:41:01 EST 2005


I'm back from the show.

I had very high hopes for Sanjeev's magnum opus, but he did find a match in
the guise of an outstanding Portuguese air force Fiat g-91 jet, that had
been sectioned so as to show fuselage without engine, and engine on a stand
and several panels opened, etc, etc.

In all fairness, I think that even if very different in subject matter, the
g-91 and Sanjeev's RE8 were equivalent in terms of modeling skill and I'd
accept gold going either way. 

What I really can't understand is Sanjeev getting only bronze, ex-aequo with
a Me Bf100, silver going to a Me262. Both these Messerschmitts had nothing
more than some aftermarkert resin plugs. They both were competently done, of
course,  but several galaxies away from Sanjeev's outstanding model... I
really can't understand judges here sometimes.

I also got a bronze on my side of the table. Gold went to a very competently
done DH4. The venerable Airfix kit. Still I quite dislike the way it was
painted. This is typical of the Spanish school, (the model was by a Spanish
modeller), with everything highly exaggerated in terms of contrast and the
steel wires were too shiny for my taste. Still, as I said, and knowing the
kit, the modeller made a good job of it. Silver went to an eduard Fokker
DIII, which I think was much better painted than the DH4, even though there
were no "squiggles" on the cowling. 

I also think it should be pointed out that in aircraft 1/72nd, bronze,
silver and gold, plus an HM (for an airfix Pup, by the same guy who got
gold) all went to OT aircraft, while in 48, OT also got one of the prizes.

What is more, in 72nd there was only one more OT entry (my bad aileron
Junkers, which I ended up taking just to add colour to the table), so for
the first time OT got it all in a contest here.

In the armor section, there was an Ehmar MKIV, and a so and so KORA kit of
the K-Wagen.

There were also a couple of Portuguese soldier, in the figurines section,
one of them riding an ostrich as per a picture displayed next to the model. 

Sanjeev's model was also the subject of many a talk with a couple of
modelers who really liked it, and as I were really flabbergasted by the
decision of the judges.

I'd also like to point out that there was also another list member involved
in Sanjeev's Portuguese gig, since the base where the model was displayed on
was made using a wooden base Daniel Clamot kindly offered me in Brussels
last month.

Well, that's it for the year. I took plenty photos of most models. If I can
find the time I'll try to send them to someone to post.


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