[WWI] Re: WWI Fokker D.VII???

JAMES GAGNON gagnonjamie at rogers.com
Sun Feb 27 13:50:50 EST 2005

Ho Ken;
>> MvR had received a Fokker D.VII before he was killed, according to 
>> several
>> of my limited sources. Can anyone tell me which manufacturer it came 
>> from?
> That early, it would have been a Fokker-built, at Schwerin.
> OAW and Alb. rec'd their orders after Schwerin, as function of meeting 
> total numbers ordered.
> I believe Schwerin was awarded approx the first 500 orders.

Makes sense.

>>  Had the airplane been painted in his colours?
> Same as above. Highly doubtful.
> Goering got his own white D.VIIf, from Schwerin, but he may be singular in 
> that request/delivery.

Wasn't this done as a personal favour by Fokker for Goering? Isn't there 
some belief that Fokker Dr.I 425/17 was actually delivered in all red paint 
job by Fokker? Given Anthony Fokkers relationships with top German pilots, 
it seems very credible that if he could he would do this sort of gesture. 
That would mean a distinct possibility of MvR getting the plane with a 
custom paint job a few days ahead of his fellows, and all sources agree that 
Fokker D.VIIs were with JG 1 very early in May only days after those silly 
Aussies screwed up Roy Brown's victory.

>> If
>> so which parts of the plane were red? And of course what the finish of 
>> the
>> rest?
> Red.
> (j/k)
> Ok, *Blood* red.
> (sorry...)
> ok, Maroon.

I've never bought the maroon stuff. Why would he not simply use red paint. 
Folks that talk about military paint selection forget that these young men 
were mostly middle class or upper class individuals recieving a paycheque on 
a regular basis. Granted, wartime conditions might make it difficult to find 
paint from civilian sources, but these guys had minions supplied by the 
military who could be tasked to find /scrounge the paint.

>> Were any Fokker D.VIIs delivered with Maltese crosses?
> Yes.
> About the first half-dozen.

Yeah, I've got one photo showing a Fokker D.VII without serial number with 
these markings. Squadron/Signal says that it is probably a prototype since 
it has no wing cut-out.

> Streaked upper surfaces, throughout, Fokker turquoise underneath, 
> including fuselage & stab.
> White fields and Maltese crosses, on top plane, fuse side.
> There are some few photos that show this, including turquoise underneath 
> on both flying surfaces and fuselage.

> Make an interesting curio of this a/c, in event.

I bought several of the Roden early Fokker builts and I thought this might 
be an interesting finish to do. The MvR machine would also be interesting. 
If custom painted, it would probably be all red just like Dr.I 425/17 
(Maltese crosses?) or if pinted at the front it would probably be more like 


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