[WWI] 1/72nd Roden Fok.D.VII Question

Will Hendriks whendriks at shaw.ca
Sun Feb 27 13:35:54 EST 2005

Warren Dickinson wrote:

>        For those of you that have built the Roden 1/72nd scale Fokker
>D.VII offering I have a question.  In regards to the lower wing, did you
>find it easier to:
>1) Cut it into two pieces to make it fit, and then adjust the locating
>holes for the interplane struts, or . . .
>2) File or sand away some of the plastic on each side of the lower wing
>to get it to fit, leaving everything else as is.
Hi Warren:

I went with option 2: I carefully pared down the roots of the lower wing 
so that it would fit the lower fuselage. Did not take long, just had to 
be careful not to remove too much. I considered the first option, but 
figured that would seriously screw up the geometry of the wing cellule.

>Also, wasn't there an issue with the aero-foil/winglet (?) section that
>fits between the wheels of the landing gear?

Apparently the axle fairing in the kit is too short. However there are 
some who believe that the axle fairing span varied somewhat between 
manufacturers. I built it with the fairing provided, and it looks OK to me.

One area to watch for is the fit of the MG's. I recall that some 
material has to be removed from these to get the right fit, otherwise 
they sit way too high.

see: http://www.wwi-models.org/Images/Hendriks/CP/index.html



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