[WWI] Poll

Grzegorz Mazurowski grzegorz_mazurowski at poczta.onet.pl
Sat Feb 26 12:51:58 EST 2005

Sierra vac is very very good kit! It includes some injected parts (a bit
crude, true) and I belive it finally isn't much worse than Luedemann resin.
There is AEG G.IV 1/72 resin model built (but unpainted) in the Jadar shop
in Warsaw, it must be some kind of kit prototype, probably they were
planning production, but it has sagged wings, probably that's the problem
they weren't able to solve. Quality is very high, like Choroszy or Ardpol.
It is there for a few years. Maybe you'll be able to ask Jadar to cast for
you smaller details (engines, interior etc.) you'll be able to use with the
Sierra vac wings and fuselage.

> I have grown to like the A.E.G.'s.  Kind of the "medium bomber" of the
> first war.  I should have picked up one of those Hi-Tech kits.  I guess
> vac is my only option in 1/72nd??  (The Merlin is NOT an option.)
> Warren

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