[WWI] Re: WWI fav poll - again!

Ken Schmitt knnths at mchsi.com
Fri Feb 25 11:32:52 EST 2005


> - Caudron R.11 (hey, I'm starting to like the b*stard)
Can't help you here.
:^  .

> - Handley Page 0/100 "Bloody Paralyzer" (how one can't dig an airplane 
> with
> such a nickname?)
Some people fashion there very own, regardless the effort.

> - Blackburn Kangaroo (there's something about Blackburns, baby!)

Blackburn FruitBat.
Not many were made, but the Aussies love 'em.
They're all down there, suspended above cars and tin roofs.
During "high season".

ken9, admiring Blackburn "Mango Express" GreyFox (braced)

NR: Blackburn - Early, Golden Years
NU: Dr. Seuss (Horton/Blackburn ed.)

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