[WWI] Re: WWI fav poll again (Locust)

Ken Schmitt knnths at mchsi.com
Fri Feb 25 11:21:10 EST 2005


> - Blackburn Kangaroo (there's something about Blackburns, baby!)

Am starting to believe that *all* Blackburns may be the Lost Ark Of The 
Covenant of WW1 aircraft - any aircraft, really.

Such lines - and such magical engineering solutions to incredibly 
complex problems!
Imagine the radio set in a Blackburn: large, stately cabinets, rich 
wood tones, inlay, filigreed carving, tubes the size of torpedoes (for 
high altitude warmth), bracing of the struts with struts that brace 
other struts, braced ( with struts, of course).
Nose the size of a zeppelin hangar, wee propellor, stuntie exhausts and 
topped off with a scarf flying gaily off a rudder the size of a Breuget 
14, another well-turned heel, if ever there was competition amoungst 
these elogent flying egrets
Simple Genius!
And what a Raptor. A killer!

Many aces made their mark in such beauties.

with big hip boots.
waders, perhaps.

:-  )

ken9, skua'd

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