[WWI] Re: WWI Citadel metalics

Ken Schmitt knnths at mchsi.com
Fri Feb 25 11:12:50 EST 2005

Hello Mikko, others -

> IMHO there is no tone exactly like Humbrol's matt aluminum in Citadel
> Acrylics. Boltgun Metal is a nice choice for aluminum but it is 
> brighter
> than Humbrol's. Mithril silver might be too silvery for 'aluminum 
> dope' as
> such. I'm just testing it in mixtures with Skull White..

If it's an entire aircraft, such as Nieuport or Pfalz, this won't work, 

I've good results base painting in black, then drybrushing up from 
that, through
Bolt Gun, Chainmail or Mithril (highlights).
It's progressive, so you can stop whenever you get what you like.
All I can figure is somehow, the black knocks it down a bit, showing 
through (barely).

Just about everything gets a base of black before shining up to 
Some, like MGs, get barely a whisper, whereas others - a fuel tank or 
ammo bin - get a fair treatment.


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