[WWI] champlin nieuports

Nicklas, Brian NicklasB at si.edu
Thu Feb 24 09:58:41 EST 2005

Bad lighting I think has made it purple, but it sure looks like the San
Diego aircraft - still on exhibit there.

Also if you note that White 6 is hanging up, not on the ground like
other Champlin aircraft, and it has a balloon basket hanging behind it,
another sign that it a photo taken at SDAM.
(I think I'm starting to know a bit too much about other museums besides
my own - maybe I need a new job - Hey!  I said maybe Matt, get outta my
- Brian

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Eric and Brain, Thanks,
  Another question
Looks like the purple Nie 28 - #6 (94th aero)belonged to , and was
photographed at the San Diego Air museum, not Champlin !
Can somebody confirm this ?
I am referring to the purple 28 on this page:
compare this with the one identified as belonging to San Diego on this

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