[WWI] Karaya Short - Radek in need

Martín Hector Afflitto Echagüe mhae at fibertel.com.ar
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Hey Diego and Ross

 Herr Galland. was more than a conference, he and many classmates from
Me-262 set the grounds
of the whole  combat doctrine of our Air force.
The organising structure and the material were English and American (
Gloster Meteor, Cougar),
the way of organising combat was German, from these roots,in the sixtees
they generated
our own doctrine different from all the Latin American ones.
It doesn't matter if now the material is French or American  ( Mirage
Skyhook,we apply it in a different way.
Another  detail: In the last picture where you see 2 people,

The taller is Ricardo Dacova and the beared one is Heino Hoff member of the
CMA. My Club
Look pleace the Horten aircraft over Pulqui I .
from Buenos Aires

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> Ross!
> > Always knew that the Germans had more than a passing interest in South
> > America.
> Read about the Pulqui II
> http://www.ipmsstockholm.org/magazine/2002/06/stuff_eng_profile_pulqui.htm
> One of my glider instructors -who was n Air Force cadet back in the late
> 40s- once was called along with his classmates to a special conference by
> someoen called "Sr. Pérez" (like saying "Mr. Doe"). It was about combat
> flying, etc. Very nice and educative. years later, my friend realized that
> the speaker was Herr Galland!
> D.

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