[WWI] "Ace of Aces"

Michael Kendix mkendix at hotmail.com
Wed Feb 23 14:17:50 EST 2005


>>  Can I teach my 7-year old daughter and my wife to play without a marital 
>Highly doubtful. The wife of customer who I build all these 'game tokens' 
>for refers to his hobby as Dungeons & Dragons, which Hilton really hates.

My son already play Dungeons & Dragons with some of the other 
nerdlings-skulking around the basement of the computer science lab building.

>>My son wil be able to understand it if I can, so there's no binding 
>>constraint there.
>You will have no trouble grasping the concept of the game, or understanding 
>and following the rules. The big question is, do you have the time to take 
>on another hobby? That's why I haven't started playing it, despite the 
>efforts of my customer to get me involved.

Ah, but maybe it's a more simplistic board game that the whole family can 
play.  It will make a change from Clue (Cluedo in England) and Monopoly 


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