[WWI] DH2 rudder controls

Tom Morgan trmorgan at mts.net
Tue Feb 22 22:38:11 EST 2005

For those of you about to undertake the new 1/48 DH2 ...... hah, hah 
suckers......I mean have fun, eh!  It certainly is a rewarding build and 
you'll enjoy it ...... especially the 13.3 feet (403cm) of rigging.

I just came across an interesting note re the rudder controls, in Gwilyn 
Lewis' "Wings Over the Somme".  He was an early DH2 pilot with 32 Squadron. 
He comments in a letter of July 1916 that although the rudder cables were 
'doubled', they came from the depots with the cables bound together.  Most 
(not all) of the pilots immediately had them separated, allowing for a truly 
duplicated system.  This saved at least one pilot when one of the lines was 
shot through.

Gives you the option of representing a single or a double cable.


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