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This is also the reason Mounties wear their Stetsons with a rakish tilt to 
the right.  Woe betide the man who attempts put any sort of bend in the 
brim!  In France, Belgium and Russia they resorted to British issue forage 
caps when not wearing tin helmets.  Otherwise the casualties would have been 
horredous what with all the members going over the top attempting to keep a 
stiff brim amongst the hail of machine gun fire and artillery concussions 
all for fear of the RSM!

(who keeps his Stetson clamped in a hat press and locked in a climate 
controlled closet for fear of "the bends")

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>D says
>>Ah, too true. Should I alter the figure limbs to show lack of discipline, 
>>contempt for the authority and disregard of any military regulations?
> No. Do it to show self discipline, contempt for unearned authority and 
> disregard of petty regulation.
>>Which side of the Aussie hat is folded up? Why?
> Either side. To allow one ear to be tanned on alternate days and reduce 
> skin cancer
> Oh, okay. On the left.  Otherwise when you slope arms the rifle knocks 
> your hat off. Of course, in my day we carried SLR's, and shouldered arms - 
> on the right side - instead of sloping arms which meant the hat was only 
> that way by tradition
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