[WWI] lots of cool news/ was: New Company - ELF

Neil Eddy steed_and_peel at iprimus.com.au
Tue Feb 22 11:27:59 EST 2005

Hi Warren and Diego;

For colour flashes the AWM has them but listed under each battalion and not
grouped together.


That link takes you to the Fifth Battalion Ist AIF page, scroll down for an
example of a shoulder flash. I thihk each battalions will be individually


....Is an AIF Officers jacket.....


Is the jacket worn by other ranks - in this case 23rd Battalion.....

and another  one....


Anyway, have a look at all these or poke around the AWM search engine -
entering "uniform colours" 1914-1918.....


I'm off now its too late and I gotta erk! work tomorrow.

Neil C is in Brazil?

I still think I am still more south than him... he'd better watch out for
all those 3 toed sloths.... one could be looking at him funny.....


Neil :-)  (E)

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