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"That's the 1915 version. 1918 is more 'Western Front'. Ditch a lot of
British equipment - keep the tin hat, maybe remove the putties...and
the uniform a slightly darker colour than the British Khaki. Australian
uniforms were woolen and thicker than the British versions...I think
too, it
would be useful to find a reference for shoulder flashes which often
the Battalion of the wearer... (I don't have one)..."

     Brit tunics were woolen as well, but yes, there were some definite
differences in the uniforms.  (I'm glad to report that some folks are
making some nice reproductions now of uniforms for UK as well as
Commonwealth troops for the period, as well as the boots and P08 web
gear.  Wish I hadn't sold my original set of P08 gear.)
   IIRC some of the Osprey books outlined the shoulder flashes, but I'm
not sure if the particular issue I have covers ANZAC troops or not.
I'll go look.

nl: Sammy Hagar

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> Neil of the South!
> > Diego... Still... if you want to give them Sturmtruppen what for,
> > them Brits into Diggers! ;-)
> I have to file off all the uniform and leave them naked but for a pair
> shorts and a tatty hat, right?
> D.

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