[WWI] A/G Les Groupes De Bombardement

Diego Fernetti dfernet0 at rosario.gov.ar
Tue Feb 22 09:46:26 EST 2005

> I had a nice phone conversation
> with ken9.

That man!

>   Now, down to the OT business at hand.  Has anyone gotten A/G decal
> sheet #191 "Les Groupes de Bombardement" yet?  If so, your opinions on
> the sheet please?

YES! Thanks to the generosity of a listee, whose name I'll say if he allows 
me to do that. I'm very glad to have it, it cover some unusual subjects, and 
several well known airplanes, like the Breguet 14. It has some Caudron R.11s 
and by now it's the only source of squadron markings for that kind of 
Wonderful decals, very colorful and "not seen before" markings. Befuddle 
your visitors with starnge markings! Entertain your acquaintances with 
colorful unit stories! Top those worn topics like new ties or kitchen 
furniture! thrill audiences!

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